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Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Center of Excellence

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The UCSF Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Center of Excellence is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge care to patients with polycystic kidney disease, or PKD. PKD is the fourth leading cause of kidney failure, and more than half of people with PKD will develop kidney failure by the age of 50.

Because PKD can affect many organ systems in addition to the kidneys, our center is experienced in navigating all medical conditions related to PKD. Our team includes experts from many different specialties – including nephrology, hepatology, cardiology, radiology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and maternal-fetal medicine – as well as a dedicated dietitian and genetic counselor. Our patients benefit from the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options, including advanced imaging technologies to monitor progression of the disease.

As a growing hub for PKD research, we are also working toward developing new therapies. Find out more about our clinical research.

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Your contributions will help us realize our vision for this innovative PKD Center of Excellence and make considerable strides toward finding a cure for PKD.

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To find out more about giving opportunities, contact Allison White, assistant director of development, at [email protected] or (415) 514-1137.

A gift of any size helps advance the center and provides important support for our most pressing needs. On behalf of the UCSF Division of Nephrology, thank you for your interest in our work.

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    Decorative Caduceus

    Hyperpolarized 13C Pyruvate MRI Scan in Predicting Tumor Aggressiveness in Patients With Renal ...

    Descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, distribution, etc) of the metabolism measures will be calculated. The investigators will use a tree-based cross-validated Classification & Regression Trees (CART) model for...


    Decorative Caduceus

    APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network (APOLLO)

    Time from receipt of kidney transplant to death-censored renal allograft failure. Measured in days.


    Decorative Caduceus

    Genetic Testing in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

    The survey incorporates the GAD4 questionnaire, which has scores graded from 0-3. It also includes questions graded on a Likert scale (1-5). The outcome measures will be reported as mean (SD) for each question on the survey. The i...


    Decorative Caduceus

    Ambulatory Versus Inpatient Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

    Any of: Emergency department visits related to procedure, unplanned provider visits, re-admission related to the procedure, blood transfusion, and need for secondary procedures. Patients with an emergency department or provider vi...


    Decorative Caduceus

    Effect of Group Preoperative Pelvic Floor Training for HoLEP

    Urinary incontinence (present/absent) will be defined according to the guidelines of the International Continence Society as involuntary loss of urine experienced during the bladder storage phase using self-report measures at regu...


    Decorative Caduceus

    UPURS Trial for Patient-centered Management of Symptomatic Obstructing Stones

    Measure on a scale of 1-10, with zero indicating no pain and 10 indicating the worst pain.


    Decorative Caduceus

    Break Wave(TM) Extracorporeal Lithotripter First-in-Human Study

    Stone fragmentation as determined by stone passage or imaging confirmation.


    Decorative Caduceus

    Accuracy of Ultrasound for Detecting Residual Fragments During RIRS

    The diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound and fluoroscopy will be measured in conjunction with endoscopic examination for detecting residual fragments during retrograde intrarenal surgery for renal stones treatment by the same endouro...


    Awards & recognition

    • usnews-neurology

      Among the top hospitals in the nation

    • Rated high-performing hospital for acute kidney failure

    Support services

    Patient Resource

    Case Management & Social Work

    Connect with a team that can help you find resources, solve problems and advocate for you during treatment at UCSF.


    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Class

    This eight-week class teaches mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and improve your overall health, such as meditation and body awareness.

    Patient Resource

    Patient Relations

    We welcome feedback about your experience at UCSF Health. Find out how to contact us with comments, questions or concerns.

    Patient Resource

    Spiritual Care Services

    Chaplains representing many faiths are available around the clock to provide support, comfort and counsel to patients, families and caregivers.

    Preparing for your appointment

    What to Bring

    • Photo I.D.
    • Health insurance card
    • Insurance authorization, if required
    • Doctor's referral, if required
    • Recent test results related to your condition
    • List of your medications, including dosages, plus any you're allergic to
    • List of questions you may have
    • Device or paper for taking notes

    International Services

    If you live outside the United States and are coming to UCSF for medical treatment, our patient liaisons can help coordinate all aspects of your visit.

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    Interpreting Services

    UCSF offers interpreters in various languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), as well as services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and visually impaired patients.

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    Hospital Stays

    Make your hospital stay as smooth and comfortable as possible by finding out how to prepare and what to expect.

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    Your Doctor Visit

    See our top 10 tips for making your UCSF doctor’s appointment as stress-free and productive as possible.

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